Friday, March 16, 2012

The Mona Lisa

A few nights ago, Noah and I were laying in his bed reading some books.  As we were reading, we came across a picture of Leonardo daVinci's painting, the Mona Lisa.  Noah specifically asked about the painting because he had seen it before.  I explained to Noah, that the Mona Lisa was one of the most famous paintings in all the world and was worth millions of dollars. 

"But, why?" he asked. 

I then tried to explain that many people describe the women's smile in the painting as being very mysterious.  People wonder why she is smiling and what is the story behind the painting.

Noah was still not convinced.  "But why is it worth millions of dollars?  Lots of people can paint pictures of people.  Even kids in my class can paint pictures like this."  Hmm, you think so buddy?  Not so sure about that.

Then I tried another tact by explaining that at one point in history the painting was stolen and was missing for two years before it was found.  That did not work either.  Eventually Noah just shrugged his sholders and we continued reading.  The idea of a piece of artwork being worth millions of dollars completely lost on him.

I was tempted to show Noah some of Jackson Pollack's work, but ultimately decided that he had experienced enough confustion for one night. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

I am not going to lie

It has been rough around the Taylor household lately.

Where should I begin?  I could tell you about the crazy cold that hit our household (at least I think it was a cold . . . I really have no idea).  It slowly infected each member of our family one at a time.  Not all at once, which, quite frankly I would have preferred.  Noooo, instead it decided to taunt us by infecting one person with a high fever for days in a row, only to be finally rid of all signs of illness, and them BAM, it claimed its next victim.  Talk about weeks of never ending sickness.

Eliza was the first victim.  After day four of a high fever we took her to the pediatrician where we were told she had a sinus infection.  We were given a prescription, and in a few days she was feeling better and back to her old self.  Next Noah was hit, followed a few days later by Davis.  Thinking that Eliza was free and clear, you can image my surprise when she walked into my bedroom one morning with bright red cheeks and that glazed look in her eyes that a mother immediately identifies as a fever.  Poor girl got sick even though she was antibiotics. 

For a while I thought that Vivian and I were the sole survivors of the Great Sickness of 2012.  Nope.  Not a chance.  The only problem is that I only was mildly sick.  Moms, you know what I am talking about.  Not sick enough to lay around in bed all day and milk the rare opportunity to take a break.  Instead, just sick enough to feel miserable while taking care of the rest of the family at the same time.  Fun times.

Or, I could tell you about our nanny's broken rib.  Yep, you read that one right.  Our poor nanny (who is a rock-star of a soccer player), was hit so hard during a soccer game last weekend that one of her ribs broke!  First and foremost, I felt bad for her.  She couldn't walk.  Couldn't drive.  Couldn't laugh.  And was in a great deal of pain.  Of course that also meant that she could not take care of four children which made for a difficult week.  Keith and I cobbled together a plan, alternating days that we stayed home, and stayed up until late at night trying to stay caught up at work.  Ever try drafting a legal pleading with a two year old around?  No?  Well, lucky you.  I would not recommend it.

Finally, I could tell you about (and I shudder to even type this) the MOLD that we found under our flooring in the kids' bathroom.  Yep, mold.  This OCD neat freak mom has mold in her house.  Apparently there were some cracks in the flooring which allowed moisture to accumulate between the flooring and the subflooring.  So, right now we are down a bathroom and taking estimates for repairing the floor and subfloor.  I am also trying to retain some of my patience as I struggle to share the master bathroom with the five other members of the family.  I think I am going to have to post a shower sign-up board soon.

Things can only get better from here, right?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let's Play Ball!

It's that time again. Baseball season is back!

I have a kid who loves baseball. 
A kid who would eat, sleep and breathe baseball if he could. 
Don't you just love watching your kids do something that they love?

I love watching Noah make a great play at first base. 

I love seeing him smash the ball. 

And, I love, love, love watching him encourage and cheer on his teammates.

I also love the baseball community. 

I love that we are on a team with coaches who we have played with before. 

I love that Noah has friends on his team from the neigborhood.

I love that the two hour long games allows our family to get to know the
other families on Noah's team so well.

 I love the way Keith can't sit during a game and always has to be up pacing. 

I even love the butterflies I get in my stomach each time Noah comes up to bat.

Here's to a great season!  Go LSU Tigers!