Friday, August 10, 2012

Insta Friday - Hume Lake edition (better late than never)

Life has been crazy this summer. 

I have been working way too much.  The life of an attorney is rough.  Long days, even longer nights.  Never enough hours in the day.  Court appearences, depositions, briefs to write and too much travel.  I have been a lawyer long enough to know that it is always not this bad.  There are times of ridiculous amounts of works, and times not so much work (who am I kidding, the work load is either big or huge - - never small).  This summer the work load has been ridiculous.

So ridiculous in fact that this is the first time I have had a chance to take a peek at my blog since June.  So, even though our trip to Hume Lake was over a month ago, here are a few of my iphone photos from our favorite family vacation spot.

The kids were so excited to leave for Hume.  We had a swim meet in the morning, and then left right after the kids showered and changed.  Here they are, fresh and excited.  I should have taken a picture after 5 plus hours in the car.  It probably would not have been quite so cheery.

We stopped in Tulare on our way up to Hume, and ate at the Black Bear Diner.  We have decided to make this a yearly tradition.  The food is super unhealthy, but the kids love it.   Hey, it is only once a year, right?

After spending the night in Tulare, we headed up the "hill" bright and early the next morning to the Hume campgrounds.  Another favorite place to stop is a little pizza place half way up the hill.  The kids did not care that it was 11:00 am.  They still wanted to stop at "their" pizza place.

Shortly after we stopped for pizza, we lost cell phone reception.  Oh happy day!  A week without phone calls or emails.  Now THAT is a vacation. 

One of my goals for the week:  get a nice golden tan like these two beauties. So long pasty white office skin.

When we got up to Hume, the boys were dying to check-in to their camp.  Too bad we were there about an hour early.  It was torture for them having to wait.  Here they are at the "Ark" for check-in before heading up to Wagon Train.  Check out Noah's hipster glasses with no lenses.  I think he wore them all week.

From this point on, I don't have a lot of phone pictures because I loved the freedom of not caring it around all day (did I mention no work emails!).  Here are the girls on Fourth of July.  Hume has a great little parade on the 4th and guests have the privilege of being woken up to Jimi Hendricks playing the Star Spangled Banner of the outdoor loudspeakers.

We spent most of the week swimming - - either in the lake or the pool.  On this day, we saw a Black Bear on the opposite side of the beach where we were swimming.

Family Self-portrait.

Swinging on a tire swing at night.

Watching the high school group compete in the Gauntlet.

One of these days I will post some pictures from our trip taken with my "real" camera, but until then, link up with Life Rearranged to share the moments captured on your phone.

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